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At present study materials of all subjects in Preliminary, Section A and Section B are available. The specific subjects list given below.


IE001 Business Communication 470
IE002 Elements of Industrial Engineering 480
IE003 Mathematics for Engineers 460
IE004 Computers and Information Technology 490
IE005 Engineering Drawing and Computer Graphics 480
IE006 Materials Science 480
Section A
IEA01 Probality and Statistical Methods 480
IEA02 Operation Research 490
IEA03 Finacial Accounting and Costing 480
IEA04 Priciples and Practices of Management 460
IEA05 Work System Design 450
IEA06 Manufacturing Technology 560
IEA07 Systems Approach 480
IEA08 Economics and Indian Economic Environment 520
Section B(Compulsary Subjects)
IEB01 Facilities Planning and Management 420
IEB02 Supply Chain and Logistic Management 430
IEB03 Production and Operation Management 480
IEB04 Total Quality Management 490
Section B (Elective Subjects)
Group I
IEE01 Innovation and Value Engineering 480
IEE02 Strategic Management 460
IEE03 Advanced Operation Research 470
IEE04 Knowledge Management 480
Group II
IEE05 Materials Handling 460
IEE06 Industrial Automation 480
IEE07 Industrial Safety Engineering 490
IEE08 Plant Engineering and Maintenance 470
Group III
IEE09 Managerial Finance 460
IEE10 Total Productivity Mgmt. and Business Process Re-Engg. 470
IEE11 Business Process Simulation 490
IEE12 Enterprenurship Development 480
Group IV
IEE13 Materials Management 460
IEE14 Environmental Management 480
IEE15 Human Resource Planning and Development 490
IEE16 Project Management 480
IEE17 Elements of Automobile Engineering 490
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